Bolivar RV Resort & Storage on the Bolivar Peninsula 

(409) 974-0064
Bolivar RV Resort Rules and Regulations

  • Nothing can be stored on an RV site without permission from Management. We supply a storage location next to the park for individuals staying in the park who have boats, boat trailers, etc. they need to store while at the park. Typically there is NO charge for outside storage if you are residing in the park
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance or condition
  • All RV's and Motorhome must be licensed and have current registration
  • No tents in resort
  • Licensed motorcycles are allowed in the park
  • Golf Carts are allowed but must be properly operated at all times
  • All RV's must have a proper electrical SO cord and sewer hose seal
  • Only one camping unit per site
  • Rates are based on 4 Guests per RV
  • Pet Policy - 1 pet maximum. Additional pets require prior approval
  • Dogs which bark incessantly are not allowed
  • Pets may not be kept in cages outside of the RV without prior approval
  • Pet's are NOT allowed inside the Beach Rental House
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times and never left unattended
  • A pet walking area is located to the rear of the campground
  • Quiet time in the park is 9pm to 8am. If anyone can hear your music after 9pm, then its too loud
  • 4 Wheelers, Golf Carts, etc. are only to be operated on the street when going to the beach or one of the trails and at no other time. The street is not to be used for any other purposes
  • 4 Wheelers, Golf Carts, etc. are not to be driven on the grass
  • Children shall be supervised when at the playground
  • Any cars / trucks parked at the camp site must be completely off the road. Additional parking is available at the RV park. Under no circumstances shall any camp site have more than 2 cars / trucks in the RV park. If parking for additional cars / trucks is required, this can be accommodated but the parking will be "OFF SITE" parking located next to the RV park
  • Bolivar RV is not responsible for any accidents
  • Bolivar RV Resort Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime